Harjit Bhogal

About me

I'm an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Maryland, College Park. I work mainly in philosophy of science and metaphysics.

I'm currently working on projects about the value of the special sciences in a world of physics, about the Humean approach to laws of nature, and about the nature and theoretical role of coincidences. Ultimately, though, all of these projects are about the nature of explanation; what it is for us to understand the world; and about the metaphysical implications of this.

I also have research interests in metaethics, philosophy of economics, philosophy of physics, and epistemology.

Before coming to Maryland I received my PhD from NYU in 2017. My thesis was about explanation in the special sciences. Before that I did a B.Phil in Philosophy and a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, both at the University of Oxford.

My email is bhogal@umd.edu.

Here is a CV.

Also, I'm on Philpeople.


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